I just wanted to take a minute to talk about how crazy my weeks have been! Between work, being sick and writing a novel it really takes a lot from me. With that being said I just wanted to give notice that my blog posts may be far from few in between. Honestly after I finished reading The Girl On The Train I’ve been in a HUGE reading slump ever, I think it’s because I really enjoyed ”TGOTT” which usually happens to me a lot when I’ve finished reading something so enjoyable. I become book depressed. It’s honestly book-anxiety, I fear I won’t like my next read as much as my previous one. If that even makes sense to anyone. 

The past week I had a stomach virus that has been going around. It really knocked me back for a while, being sick is really rough especially when it’s so bad you  can barely leave your bed for a week or even eat. That aside, I feel better now so I have to put back on the few pounds I lost. 

 Work has also been never ending! Being an adult really sucks. I have also been looking for a new job because my current one is draining the life out of me. 

Lastly I wanted to talk about my novel that is in the process of being written! I’m really so excited for this one! I really put my all into it, all my best ideas and themes, this is going to be the one. Bones in the Garden is releasing late fall of 2017, or cross your fingers for an earlier release date! I don’t want to rush with this one, taking my time with it is key. This process hasn’t been stress free though, finding the right platform took a lot. Finally I just decided to buy Microsoft Word 2011, it’s an older version but it works seamlessly for me. Once I got to 24 pages of my book I uploaded it for a test run and it looked beyond perfect! So I’m really excited to wrap this up. So far I have about 57 pages, right now the thing that is difficult is finding a good amount of page numbers to stop on because I don’t want the remaining poems to sound forced. So it’s tough figuring out where to go from there. 

Here is the novel cover! The back cover is in the process of being finished by my artist Shannon Ramos

So there you go, if you wonder why I’m MIA for book reviews. I have many saved in my drafts from books I’ve read previously but it still requires some time to work on. But I’m currently trying to finish a series by Gena Showalter (who is my absolute favorite author) it’s the second novel called Lifeblood and the first book is called Firstlife. I’ll review them once I’m done but they’re definitely worth checking out because the first one is absolutely amazing! 

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