What I Never Said 

What I Never Said by Fredy Pabon 

  Novel Rating 2/5 ⭐️ 

Status; DNF’d


     With lots of alcohol, bad decisions, and letters from overseas, “What I Never Said” will guide you through a young man’s decision to leave his fantasy life and join the United States Marine Corps. But why? Swim through these poems of thirst as Fredy Pabon lures you through his freshman debut in search of something unique.

I won What I Never Said in a giveaway the author was hosting, I was once again trying my luck and succeeded! Overall for me it was a very hard read to get into, Hence why i DNF’d, though the cover is something my eye catches on all the time. The novel contained Fredy Pabons account of being a young adult to becoming a man in the army and his life after. I really enjoyed certain passages, such as 

  • Miami Nights, part 1
  • Blind Agreement

I gave the novel 2 out of 10 stars because of those two passages, the ones I liked a lot. I had some issues with the novel for example, there weren’t any page numbers, I believe that I DNF’d at page 33? I can’t really be sure. The text was quite large too, in personal taste I like when the book and the texts are brought down to scale, this was on a larger scale to start. Also I couldn’t really relate to the whole story either and that’s why it was too hard for me to get into. Lastly, I couldn’t really decipher if this was along the lines of a poetry book or an actual novel. Normally when you think of poetry they consist of short to medium length accounts. Yet What I Never Said showed way more length and detail. If I were Fredy Pabon, I would make this an autobiography instead.

  Though I will add, Pabon shows immense potential in his work, though particularly I didn’t see it with this novel. I think if he really goes back and makes changes to What I Never Said and publishes a second edition it can really be a stellar write, plus if he honestly makes it into a real war autobiography it could really be something! But I just don’t see it as a full on poetry book.

*Just my personal opinion here*

I did have a chance to interview Pabon, so enjoy!

What inspires you?

Failure, We all scrape our knees at one point or another. But to fail at anything I begin or set out to accomplish is one of my biggest fears. Knowing that failure is an option terrifies me and keeps me focused to be a great father, guides me to continue to challenge myself.

When did you first realize writing was an outlet for you?

After High school so around 2008, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, so I decided to venture off to the United States Marine Corps in search of something different maybe gain perspective or even experience something most don’t. I wrote poetry of everything that would occur around me whether in boot-camp or overseas or even at the bar on a Saturday night in Miami or wherever I was at that time. Documenting everything as though being read by the public, made me feel like I wasn’t wasting my time but learning a side of myself that may have never been seen if I hadn’t left…

If you could change something in your life, what would it be?

I don’t know if I would ever change anything in my life. Everything I have witnessed, the people I have met, the places I’ve been, the words that I have said, all of it made it possible for me to Publish, What I Never Said. Every chapter in my life has molded the happiness I feel today.

What goals drive you?

I hope to publish in stores one day. Currently, my book is only available online for any bookstore including Amazon, but to walk in a book store and see my book on a shelf, that’s an emotion I have yet to feel.

If there was a fictional character who most represented you, who would it be?

Hank Moody. Moody is an amazing unstable writer who always finds himself searching for explanations. Just when everything seems to be going right, somehow he finds a way to make it veer left.

Your favorite quote ever?

“It’s hard to leave anywhere. Even if the place sucked. Its hard to leave anywhere at all.” – Dave Duchovney, Holy Cow            

What is your favorite excerpt from your own novel? What story does it hold behind it?

Miami Nights Part 4, This is where I realized I couldn’t keep my story to myself, someone out there would relate, someone would read and understand but most importantly for my only daughter and any child I have in the future, a story for them to understand who I was through all the madness.

Part 4

Like a night job, I cruised the city with the top down. The streetlights flashed by in a hurry to my past as the wind blew the liquor from my eyes.

I just needed to get away. I whispered this to myself.

Every sin committed poured through my speakers as I sang along to my tune. This was my favorite song, and I sang it well. It only took me five years to learn all the words. Downtown Miami stood strong against the night as visions of her wrapping her arms around my neck comforted with kisses slowly vanished.

All the arguments of me verbally pushing them away soaked into my seat. All the fake smiles and the thoughts of being alone now a real story because this city never taught us the effect of cause.

It just was.

It was a little too late now to hold on to it as I raced towards the ocean. My body sat firm, cold and fastened. Glass shattered over my left side. The front end of his Buick pierced my legs together as my left hand calmly grabbed shards of metal from my hip. I would never get the chance to apologize to everyone I did wrong. I would never get the chance to say I quit smoking cigarettes to those closest to me. Worst of all, I would never blink to see Ava again.

It was an effect this city never warned me of. Repentance swallowed me completely as I rose from my bed. No scars, no bandages, no smell of liquor, just my pillow and the four walls of my room.

I grabbed my keyboard and started to put it all together…for you… because this city never taught us the effect of cause.

Any current projects taking place?

I’ve been working on a Novel, “To Be Frank”  and it should be ready maybe this year, I’ve been writing it for over six years now. Also My friend Sophie Organero and I will be releasing a poetry book together around May 2017 titled, “Lost In Discovery”.


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