I Am More Than A Daydream

I Am More Than A Daydream by Jennae Cecelia 

Novel Rating 5/5 ⭐️


   How often do you daydream? For most, it is many times a day. We stare out the window instead of the task in front of us. We fantasize about where we would much rather be, the significant other we long for, our ideal job, the body we hope to see in the mirror, a healthier mindset, pure happiness in our lives and the lives of others, peace in this chaotic world. However, how many of us daydreamers believe these pleasant thoughts will truly turn into our reality? Daydreams are more than just short bursts of happiness that only our minds can see. I know I am more than a daydream; and you are, too.

Daydreams are more than just short bursts of happiness that only our minds can see.” 

I need to start off by saying that I’ve seen Jennae grow from her first novel to her second and now her newest. She is absolutely amazing as a whole person, and she has helped me through the process of publishing my own books. I have enjoyed the whole J.C Collection but this particular one, it left me speechless. It is so so empowering and full of such positive messages and as a women it was so good to receive those words in a published novel. As I was reading, which I finished quickly but that’s fine with me, I felt emotional the whole time I was reading. I became on the verge of tears from understanding.

Here are two of my favorites (I have way more than that but these two are just amazing in a simple way)

  Jennae is on my top list of favorite indie authors! I am so happy I stumbled upon her instagram a couple years ago! I Am More Than A Daydream is a MUST buy (which you can purchase here & it’s only $5.50, such a great price.) I am so excited to see the J.C Collection grow even bigger! She is truly a big inspiration to me.

So please if you’re looking for a read that will uplift you and your confidence, I really truly suggest getting your copy of I Am More Than A Daydream.

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