Blossoming Heart

Blossoming Heart by Fida Islaih

Novel Rating 4/5 ⭐️


    Blossoming Heart is a compilation of poems about conquering your fear and forgiving yourself. Learn about yourself and love yourself in your journey. Find stillness in your life. Let your brokenness find hope and peace.

As I heal darkness may come but I won’t stay in the shadows. I will be able to be my best.”

   I bought this poetry collection on my kindle in the beginning of May because I was feeling down and I was in need of feeling better. I must say that I highlighted almost half the collection, all of them were simply beautiful. My soul felt so uplifted, I connected, I sobbed a little, and I felt such immense weight lifted from my chest. I can’t wait to hold the psychical copy in my hand, the cover is so simple but just so beautiful. Fida is a very promising poetess, I see that so clearly already. Readers are really sleeping on indie authors and 99% of the time, their work is so much better than author’s signed to publishing companies. Their work is soulful instead of mechanical and Fida really portrays that in her work. I will continue to go back to this collection when i’m in need of words that can uplift my broken soul. Also she has many other works that have been published! A high accomplishment that I must add. Highly recommending this collection!! You can check them all out on her Amazon page here!

Check out her Twitter and Instagram as well. 

   ~ Side note. Indie author’s, you can contact me through my blog if you would like to send me a copy of your novel, I would love to help you out! Don’t be afraid to get in touch with me about your novel! *I do prefer hard copies* ~

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