Love, & You 

Love, & You by Gretchen Gomez 

Novel Rating 4/5 ⭐️

I unlearned the suffering and untangled myself from the vines of my heart.”


one day i met a guy

who stole my heart, 

we created a world
for ourselves.
and another day
he broke my heart
and shattered
my soul.
i took the tattered
pieces of this
broken soul and
became anew. 
– here lies the hurting, the healing, and the learning.

    It took me so long to get around to reading this and I regret it. I really really loved this poetry book! The words in themselves became so powerful. I am truly moved by Gretchen‘s debut collection, she is extremely talented. Everything in here comes straight from the soul and it simply amazed me because I love seeing such raw emotions laid out to the world. It shows beauty. This poetry collection instantly became a favorite of mine, very dark but completely inspirational all the same. If you’re looking for something that will help you connect when you feel completely disconnected from yourself or the world, then truly this is something to consider. 

A Warning; a majority of the poems do connect with emotional abuse. BUT show you that there is light even in the darkest of places. 

  Two of my favorites from Love, & You.

Especially this one!

Inspirational work from a strong women. I seriously look forward to Gretchen’s future work! 

  ~ Side note. Indie author’s, you can contact me through my blog if you would like to send me a copy of your novel, I would love to help you out! Don’t be afraid to get in touch with me about your novel! 

You can purchase Love, & You here

*I do prefer hard copies* ~
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