When We Wonder 

When We Wonder by Fatima ALSuwaidi

Novel Rating 5/5 ⭐️

My chest is heavy 

And I am tired 

The days are exhausting me 

The nights are choking me.”


When We Wonder is a journey through love and pain hurt and healing. This collection of poetry and prose explore the different aspects of self-struggle and self-discovery and all the things that make us wonder.

*This novel was given to me in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are indeed my own.*

   I am absolutely speechless with this modern poetry novel. The first page had me so hooked, I could relate to almost all the passages. Beautifully and painfully written. My type of poetry collection, if we are being honest! Each passage, even if it was short, packed a punch. It had me really be able to feel the pain of where these words are coming from. One of my favorite things about When We Wonder are the cute drawings, which are illustrated from Fatima! Super adorable! Also, I absolutely love when poetry novels are separated into sections that correspond with the section title. Now the passages didn’t have any titles but that doesn’t affect anything in my opinion, I actually made up my own titles for the ones that are my favorite. The pain is real, and you can really feel it through the writing which is so important to express when you’re writing poetry or anything really. I just really loved this collection and the way it was put together!

Some wording was a little choppy in only a few passages, but nothing too major to deter from the overall feeling of the novel.    

Here is one of my many favorites! I titled it “She is Strong”

You can buy When We Wonder here

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