A notice for my blog readers! 

  I wanted to take a blogpost to inform anyone who watches for my posts, for those who care, I’ve recently just moved into a new home. Packing & unpacking for weeks now has put a lot of stress on me. With that said, I know my posting has been very slim lately. I haven’t had any time to finish reading up ARC copies that have been sent to me for reviews because I’ve had no time for myself. Sadly I’ve been deprived of any reading or writing or me time! Hopefully in a couple more weeks things should be back to normal. There is still so much to get done with unpacking and arranging but it should allow for more time to finish my projects!

  Sorry if any of you have been looking forward to new blogposts of suggested reads.

I am currently reading Twisted in You by Fabiola Francisco, which was sent from the author herself for me to read! What I’ve read so far has really pulled me in! I’m also waiting for an ARC copy of The Crowns of Croswald by D.E Night. Can’t wait to unbox that live! 

Stay tuned!

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