Twisted in You 

Twisted in You by Fabiola Francisco

Novel Rating 2/5 


    It’s not the sins her eyes have seen, but the sins her body has felt. Mikayla Depressed, crazy, violent, angry, suicidal. Those are the adjectives most people would use to describe me. Ironically, the one that upsets me is violent. I’m not a violent person. Am I depressed? Yes. Life’s a bitch, and she’s taken me for a fucking ride. Crazy? I wouldn’t say so, although I can see why people would describe me as such. Angry? Fuck yeah. I’ve got some twisted stories to explain my anger. Suicidal? Well, maybe this one time. And that one time is the reason I’m here, telling you my story, from room 113 of the Chasing Freedom Recovery Center. Isn’t the name fucking peachy? Sit tight folks, you’re in for a dark ride. Tyler I don’t have a problem. Drinking is something I do to relax after a long day of work, or a long day on stage. I’m not an alcoholic. I know what alcoholics are like, and that’s not me. (Not yet.) Regardless, they send me to Chasing Freedom. (Again). They’re determined to heal something that isn’t broken. (Liar.) And I’m stuck with Red, hearing her lose her shit and tell me off in the process. However, one look into her eyes shows me her demons. Some I am familiar with, others I can’t fathom. I know darkness, but she’s pitch black, and I want to hold the torch and lead her out.

 (Author’s Note: While it is not necessary to read Red Lights, Black Hearts before Twisted in You, this novel contains some minor spoilers.)

*This novel was given to me in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are indeed my own.*

    Status: DNF’ed

 Let me start off by saying that I tried really hard to like this book and not DNF it. I sorta knew what I was getting into just by reading the synopsis but when I started reading, it exceedingly pushed my boundaries. If ever re-printed, the book needs a warning to the follow triggers,

  • Chronic depression 
  • Sexual abuse 
  • Alcohol abuse 
  • Self mutilation 
  • Suicide 
  • Etc.

I felt extremely triggered and I’ve been clean for almost 3 years now. So I wouldn’t recommend to those who have gone through similar explicit experiences, but if you can handle it then that’s completely up to you as a reader. Although I will add, once Mikayla is released from Chasing Freedom she finds a book titled Electrified about a main character named Sienna who has had similar struggles as she. During those scenes it’s talked about how reading similar things to your situation could help you deal with your struggles, sort of like a reference. (Though completely triggering!)

 This in truth has helped. Reading Mikayla’s experience has helped me with my own. Especially whenever she is talking to her therapist, I learn new techniques and apply them to my life. So there’s a HUGE positive for me about this novel. But I stopped reading around page 230, I got bored and started to skim. For me, I felt there wasn’t a climax or maybe I stopped reading before the actual climax of the storyline. 

  Also it was hard for me to live through Tyler’s addiction. One of my family members is an alcoholic, my dad was one, and another family member is. So you could understand how hard it is for someone to read about this kind of stuff when their family is basically already living through it. You just don’t need to read about it through someone else. 

I am not saying that, Twisted in You was written poorly. It was actually written very well, I just couldn’t adjust to the triggers it contained. I’m used to reading novels with triggers, like in some of the books by Ellen Hopkins there are certain triggers but nothing too explicit. Twisted in You is a very raw and explicit read, and for those recovering from something similar, this wouldn’t be the right choice though I wouldn’t tell you that you can’t. Just a fair warning and as always, it’s up to the reader to decide. 

Thank you to the author for sending me her novel to review! Always a pleasure to help out authors!

~ Side note. Indie author’s, you can contact me through my blog if you would like to send me a copy of your novel, I would love to help you out! Don’t be afraid to get in touch with me about your novel!  ~

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