Forsaken by Brittney Kristina
Novel Rating 3/5 ⭐️


What happens when you discover an astonishing world, so existent and extraordinary and terrifying, but everybody tells you that this place was simply, only a dream? What happens when you find the love of your life, yet nobody believes that such a soul was ever real? 
Skylar Vail was just your ordinary teenage girl. Nothing was unique about her, and nothing exactly stood out. Until that one night, that one world, in which changed everything. 

   I really loved the basis Forsaken had to offer, the plot was completely different than any book I have yet to read which is always a bonus! My favorite part of the novel was the visuals, they were strongly created in my opinion. Brittney surely has a knack for creating wonderful scene’s for the mind to imagine! I could really see the characters as individuals existing in the real world, which is something that you want out of your characters, you want them to feel real.  Now I absolutely love when novels have flashbacks to continue the storyline further, helps create a longer background of why the character has landed in the position they are in.  Honestly, in all, the storyline was so intriguing and different, it’s so refreshing to read a novel with a completely new take on plot and execution. 

Let’s now talk about the few issues Forsaken has, at least in my opinion. I felt sometimes the dialogue was weak in itself, though I had to remember the voice projecting throughout the novel is a teenager that doesn’t mean the dialogue needed to be weak or a bit childish. It could have been stronger than it was at times. Also, show don’t tell could have been used a little stronger and more than it was. The last thing would just be the flashbacks, at first, it wasn’t clear to me that a flashback was happening at first although I got the hang of it later on. Possibly an easier way to show a flashback could be using italics or even title pages just for the flashbacks. Those are the only issues I had with reading Forsaken

I very much enjoyed reading it while I was on vacation. It was a quick read but the ending twist made my heart jump in my throat! I would love to see a sequel to know what happens next with Skylar! I have so many questions!

You can get Forsaken here!

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