This Is Why

This Is Why by Emma Dennin

Novel Rating 2/5 ⭐️


A contemporary, Y.A novel focuses on four teenage friends and their real-life struggles through their first year of high school. With each going through different experiences, the only thing that can save them is themselves.

*This novel was given to me in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are indeed my own.*

   I’ll start with the positive. This Is Why did capture and hold my attention while reading, which is always good because if a story line can’t hold my attention after the first chapter I usually DNF it. Also the characters fit very well for this story, they really feel like they can exist and maybe it’s because they uphold the basics for high school students. The high school aspect is represented very well here. I could relate to each character on their own  levels and sympathize with them.

Now lets talk about the issues I had reading, This Is Why.

Though the story line held its own, the lack of editing is what caught me every time because sentences didn’t run very smoothly and made the reading a little choppy. Some of the punctuation could have been handled better, like the constant run on of periods to show a break, it could have been handled differently or used a bit less. Some sentences were not very smooth making it a bit difficult to read fluidly and of course there were many spelling errors. If the book had been edited a couple more times and then some, I think it would be almost perfect to the point of 4 stars. Also the large print didn’t work for me, I thought maybe it could have been condensed in size.

Lastly, I would have loved to see the characters emotions roll out more in depth, including more of their story. They each had a lot to offer but I wish that there was more than just the handful you got.

Emma Dennin is a young author with such a wonderful talent, so I truly cannot wait to see what else she has to offer the book world! You can buy This Is Why here, support indie authors by buying their books and spreading the word!

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