Maroon Daydreams

Maroon Daydreams by Cheyenne Raine

Novel Rating 5/5 ⭐️


Maroon Daydreams is a collection of poetry that dives into experiences of healing, living life, daydreaming and all the aftermath of decisions we make and wishes we chase after.

With Maroon Daydreams I felt like I was reading with such clarity and empowerment, so many pages are dogeared. Ever since I entered the book community my whole connection to other people has been nothing but full of love and support, and with Cheyenne well she has always been so sweet to me. I fell in love with her work since the first time that I discovered her but I was so blown away with this collection, I had tears in my eyes half the time I was reading. It is truly a masterpiece! 

Sadly, when this collection came out her other poetry collections were pulled from the shelves so I didn’t get a chance to read the others. Hopefully, she decides to put them back out into the world because I’m sure they are just as amazing as Maroon Daydreams.

The cover is what I love most because it’s so simple but utterly stunning at the same time, it’s calming in a way. 

My love for this collection will gladly be returned to time and time again when I need it most! 

Check out Cheyenne’s blog here, and you can buy her book here.

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