The Art of Living 

The Art of Living by Rachel Aquino

Novel Rating 5/5 ⭐


The Art of living is a poetry collection that explores different paradigms of love, loss, and life. As well illustrating the ‘art forms’ of life through strength, courage, passion, pain, and emotional endurance through different chapters of the healing process (Unrequited love, rebirth, and living again).

   Once again, Rachel has left me speechless with her words. It is intoxicating to read this collection, in a good way! Each page holds its own beauty, whether it may be a page in depth about loss or a page in depth about passion, each page and section holds magnitude. It truly is a lovely collection focused on the acts of rebirth and finding the will to go on living again. The visuals in here are delightful and give the reading spectrum a boost! 

This is Rachel’s second book and I can really see the growth in her writing since, Pieces of Me. The beauty that she captures in each collection is truly wonderful to experience! 

Also, it has been lovely to work with Rachel, she has sketched all of my visuals from my first book to now my second! Her skills are so well rounded, a very talented lady indeed.

Buy The Art of Living here. And please remember to leave reviews on anything you read, because it helps indie authors (especially) in this business!

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