Poems for the Sound of the Sky Before Thunder

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Poems for the Sound of the Sky Before Thunder by Topaz Winters

Novel Rating 5/5 


a collection that tiptoes the infinitely blurred lines between hurting, hoping, & healing. It speaks of sleepless nights & softened tongues, telling a story dreaming & bone-bright & out of focus in the rain. These poems are only as much for losing as they are for finding, only as much for despair as they are for the light scattered within it, only as much for leaving as they are for finally coming home.

*This novel was given to me in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are indeed my own.*

   This collection has so much power behind it. Topaz does an astounding job of expressing the hurting and the sleepless nights found within the part of yourself that you’re losing but she also expresses just how much there is to find of yourself in the light of healing. It is simplistically and seamlessly wrapped. 

At first, I didn’t really understand the title but once I started reading, I understood it perfectly. It deals with finding yourself in a clear blue sky before you roll into the storm. If I elaborate more, I could give away a big chunk of this lovely collection and I don’t want to spoil that because when you find it all on your own, it’s simply beautiful. 

Each written piece is a piece of the author’s soul laid bare but there are also pieces that others can deeply connect with and walk away from feeling somewhat lighter in their orbit. This whole collection is like a breath you didn’t know you were holding finally released into the evening air, in peaceful solitude. 

Upon looking more into Topaz, I found she did an amazing TED Talk! I watched the whole thing with tears in my eyes and understanding in my heart. Watch it here.

Buy, Poems for the Sound of the Sky Before Thunder here!

Also, Topaz did a wonderful short film, the prose behind it are once again, beautiful. Watch it here.

Her website is amazing, so I suggest checking that out as well, you’ll discover so many beautiful pieces of her work! Click here.  

Thank you so much to the author for sending me such a wonderful collection, I will forever have this in my heart.

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