Notice Blog Readers!

Hello, Bookworms,

   For those of you who wait for my reviews to be posted and simply care about my blogging, you’ve noticed that I haven’t posted a new review in some time. I must apologize for that, I’ve taken a breather with my reviews, but I will be back very soon! Early to middle April, I’ll have a new review for you! 

I plan on reviewing, 

– Asylum 54.0 by Nadege Richards

– New Wold Rising by Jennifer Wilson

– New World Ashes by Jennifer Wilson

– Finding Roots by Morgan Davis


– Honey Butter by Millie Florence

Also, I wanted to say hello to some of my new followers I’ve acquired through my Illuminae giveaway on Twitter! I’m simply here to review all my beloved books and even the ones I haven’t very much enjoyed, I’m here, to be honest because books are my whole life.

As a side note, I wanted to address something. My good friend Cheyenne Raine, is hosting a giveaway to benefit the Rape Crisis Center, the rules are simple;

• Donate to the Rape Crisis Center

• $1 = 1 entry / $5 = 5 entries, etc.

you can win, her two published poetry collections, my two poetry collections, Bewilderments of the Eyes by Theresa Sopko and Almost as good as Flowers candle by Evilqueen!

Follow Cheyenne her on Twitter & and Instagram as @rainepoetry

Her blog is located here with more details on the giveaway!

You can stay updated on my blog by hitting the follow button and signing up with your email. Also, don’t forget to like, comment and leave some feedback!


‘` m. d ‘`


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