Asylum 54.0

Asylum 54.0 by Nadége Richards

Picture / Actual Rating 3.5


They left us behind. Some say it was a mistake, while others say it was a purge. As for me? Well, I say it was my damned liberation. They call me Ari. Three years after being captured by the Reapers, I am no longer human. With the Y506-Virus destroying what’s left of Silo, no one truly is anymore. We now work for them, these things that control us. We kill for them, warding off the black-eyed leviathans that roam the desert hills. In return, we get to keep some piece of our past. But you see, not all of us are compliant. Not all of us could be changed. We haven’t forgotten. I’m different, and so is Jonathus. There are much more like us. They took my mother and threatened the life of my sister, forcing me into a life of exile. I am hellbent on my revenge. Taking back Silo one asylum at a time is our means to an end. Joining the Underground is only the beginning… My name is Mathai Porter. The invasion starts now.


I can across Asylum on Bookstagram actually because of the author, she liked one of my pictures and I got really intrigued by the cover so I started reading into it more and I ordered myself a copy right away!

The storyline was really good, it was well thought out until the very ending. The only thing is, the pace could have been a little bit quicker, though you learn a lot about our main character Mathai. It wasn’t excruciatingly slow in pace to the point where I wanted to stop reading, it was more of just like some scenes or details could have been cut out. 

Also, my last problem would just be that I was confused at times with scenes because they just jumped and weren’t as clear sometimes. I just think at some parts things could have been explained a little better than they were. 

The world building was fantastic! I could see the world so clearly as it was being described. Which is always the best part of a book, I mean if you don’t have strong world building then you aren’t left with much. The world was so unique to its own genre and so rich in Science fiction!

Character building was also amazing. Mathai was realistic and so likable but my all time favorite character is Lexyn! She’s so sassy and just bad ass!

The descriptions were really well done though, things were described so well it was like I was staring at that exact object or place. 

I am very excited to see the growth of this series as they are released!

You can buy Asylum 54.0 right here.

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