Soul Like Thunder

Soul Like Thunder by Sophia Elaine Hanson



A story of love, hurt, late nights, and New York City. 


I am speechless!

Sophia has grown immensely since Hummingbird and while I enjoyed it, Soul Like Thunder has twisted into my heart like a thundering hurricane! The Synopsis doesn’t even do the whole content to its justice, it’s so powerful and impactful. Everything is so cohesive when it comes to the separations of themes inside, it’s absolutely seamless. 

Every time I read the words inside, my soul is healed by the understanding, the closure that Sophia’s words bring, they hold truth and meaning. 

I needed this book, these words seven years ago, it would have helped me so much to find peace when it came to the end of a horrible relationship I was in at the time. This collection has a way to heal and provide answers, ugh it just holds so much strength.

The other parts hold deeper topics such as sexuality, feminism, and chronic illness. These parts are so raw and speak so much truth, it cut so deep for me when Sophia spoke of chronic illness because she was laying it all out on the table and being so completely honest with herself and with the world.

I felt every word inside my bones, it rattled me, and it will be everlasting.

You can buy Soul Like Thunder, here

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