Siren by Sophia Elaine Hanson



Two weeks have passed since the revolution fell. Two weeks since Ronja and Roark fled to the island nation of Tovaire before Maxwell could use her voice as a weapon. Their friends are imprisoned, their comrades radio silent. All the while the new Conductor prepares his unwitting army for a conquest that will ravage the world. 

With little left but her rage and her voice, Ronja craves vengeance on the puppeteer that enslaved her city and murdered her friend. Her only hope of returning to Revinia lies in the Kev Fairla, the rogue Tovairin army currently engaged in a battle with northern aggressors. The impossible task weighs heavy on her shoulders, and an unexpected blood connection begins to unravel everything she thought she knew. 



I fell extremely in love with this series since the very beginning and the very first time that I saw the cover of Vinyl so even now, final installment later, I still stand by that statement! 

The writing has definitely grown since the beginning, not that it has ever been weak but it’s just evolved into something so amazing and so unique in style than anything I have ever read before.

I swear there will be no major spoilers in this review (unless you’re counting the synopsis?)


I read through this so quickly, I didn’t once try and pace myself because I NEEDED ANSWERS!!! 

The character growth has been immense in Siren, though I will admit, my feelings toward Ronja shifted. I knew she was going through a lot but she was being overly mean and cold toward Roark and it made my heart sink. I knew this was needed between the characters but it still made me feel annoyed at Ronja. The soft spots that were exchanged between them though made my heart swell with so many emotions but needless to say, this whole book made me completely and utterly an emotional mess. 

Nothing about the pace was slow, this is where Sophia really shines! she has such a knack for having such a perfect pace to her novels, it never disappoints. Including the detail that’s added, It’s like Sophia threw me straight into the pages of her world, that’s how vivid the details become. 

It’s crazy how invested I have become with these characters, even the new characters we got introduced to really made me invested in their well-being. My favorite thing that Sophia does with writing her characters is adding different POVs to her narrative, all of their voices are their own and I never get confused as to whose perspective I’m reading from.   

Sophia has ripped my heart out a dozen plus times during the series and repaired it all in one sentence and Siren was no different!

The world building has continued to expand beyond more reaches than I could have ever imagined. Sophia builds Tovaire so effortlessly. And when we returned to Revinia my heart swelled with nostalgia to be back where it all began, especially when a few of my favorites finally got to reunite after being apart for so long, that’s seriously the best feeling.

In the end, I am super happy with how the story came to a close! I will forever treasure this series with all my heart and soul.

Please buy Siren here


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