Soft in the Middle













Soft in the Middle by Shelby Eileen



“there are so many words I’ve left unsaid
so instead of going another year or five or ten
in brutal, crushing silence
don’t waste this opportunity
don’t be scared when the full weight of my heart
tests the strength of your hands
I’m trusting you with something I barely trust myself with
this knowing
this telling
this momentous uprooting
I’m here
I am
I am right here in these words”

A debut poetry collection about love, heartbreak, body image, how absolutely breathtaking girls are, flower blooms and starlight.


A very brave collection that will resonate with young women everywhere!

So just wow! This collection of poetry is so painfully beautiful, it blossomed so many realizations for me. It showed me that it is okay to love myself, to take the time to recover from heartbreak, and most importantly that it’s okay to be soft in a world that’s so hard. 

Every poem broke my heart and stitched it up again, this collection truly helped me feel a bit more whole. I really can’t express enough how amazing this debut collection is and YES, it’s Shelby’s freaking DEBUT!!!!

In all, I feel Soft in the Middle is a very important collection that touches on certain topics that should be discussed more often and more openly without stigma. I’m just left speechless by everything this collection has to offer and I know that I’ll be returning to it time and time again.

Buy SITM here!


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