Sunfish by Shelby Eileen


A poetry collection exploring fractured familial relationships, fresh grief surrounding the death of the author’s grandparents from years before, and living in the loss of what could have been. Many of these poems are letters- whether they’ll make it to who they’re meant for is a wearisome wondering, a mystery to be solved in the next life

*This novel was given to me in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are indeed my own.*

 Shelby has a way with her words, she takes her pain and spins it into something golden.

This whole collection had me in tears! All the ones that I felt so deeply struck such a cord inside me. When I can connect with whats being written it really makes me feel so many things at once, it helps me feel less alone, like someone out there knows exactly what I have felt and that is so comforting. Poetry will always be something that not everyone will understand in terms of a single poem and that’s okay it’s just something that person hasn’t been through but it doesn’t make what’s being written any less beautiful in its own way.

I absolutely love the way each poem is strung together, ugh this collection really just left me speechless. I absolutely loved everything about it! Shelby has a natural talent for this and I can already feel that she will take off from here.

This is an emotional collection, it’s raw and honest and has so much courage wrapped inside of it, all I can say is that you really need to get your hands on this because you will not regret it!

Please buy Sunfish, here.


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