Life Token

Today’s blog post is sponsored by Life Token! I’m so excited to be a Brand Ambassador for them. I’ve been a fan of them for some time now, so to be a part of their family brings me happiness!


I just recently started representing Life Token & they’re absolutely amazing, I love being a part of this movement for so many reasons. One big reason is how empowering it is, it’s a simple idea but the magnitude of peace & positivity it brings is life changing. Many people, including myself, need to be reminded that they are important, that they’re enough for this life, that the breath they’re holding can finally be exhaled. So what better way to remind yourself of all these reasons than a bracelet that reminds you so just by looking at it? Not many people want to get a permanent tattoo so the less permanent option can be Life Token!   

The first bracelet I bought myself says,

She believed she could, so she did”

Because no matter the life obstacle I face, If I just believe in myself achieving it, then I know that it’s possible to go out there and do it.

Hakuna Matata” 

was my Mystery Bracelet & oh man, how perfect is this! It goes so well with the meaing of my other one, it furthers my positivity in life, No Worries is right!

Have fun customizing your perfect bracelet with your own meanings or sayings & even enjoy our origninal selection of bracelets! Our mission is to gift kindness, happinness, and change a life! 


– Which characters can I use on my token?

– We support just about anything you can think of! We can engrave in any language you can type in, as well as support a wide variety of special symbols. If you want any symbols engraved type a description of the symbol with *’s around it. Our team will contact you if they do not understand your request or if it’s not possible. Example: *cross* or *heart* or *waves* 

– What is the return policy?

–  For custom items, we are happy to accept returns in the following cases:

If we have made a typo during the customization process.

If your bracelet arrives damaged in some way.

Due to the custom nature of this product, we are unable to accept returns for our custom products for other reasons than the two listed above. 

All returns are for store credit only.

Do you create words in other languages?

–  Yes, we do! Any language you are able to type through your phone or computer and submit to us, we can engrave.

– How long will it take to get my Life Token Bracelet? 

–  You can expect it to take 7-10 business days. This includes order processing, production and shipping time.

– Are bracelets able to withstand water and be worn in the shower?

– Yes, all our current bracelet bands are either nylon or cotton based and can withstand water. Our engraved tokens and colors will not fade. 

    FOR YOU!

Use the code: MCKAYLADEBONIS20
Processed with VSCO with c6 presetany time for 20% off your oder on or link below                                

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