Bones in the Garden

Bones in the Garden

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Here lies the anatomy of the first Heartbreak. But, take my advice, you can grow, you can heal, you can learn, no matter what. Just pick yourself up and keep going.

Bones in the Garden deals with heartbreak and abuse. It’s a journey about coming to terms of the messy aftermath and laying to rest the skeleton of what used to be but it’s also about the self-discovery in loving yourself and a blossoming new relationship.

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Praise for Bones in the Garden


“I was really excited to read this book, as McKayla had been sharing so many little excerpts on her social media which always makes a reader excited! Such a tease for our eyes. And, she did not disappoint. There was a mixture of love, loss, empowerment, self-love, kindness, bravery and much more. I loved that the poems revolved around the theme of bones and flowers. It’s definitely a book to read while you sit outside, letting all the words flow through you like the wind. McKayla leaves you wanting more and feeling inspired!”  
— Cheyenne Raine, author of Maroon Daydreams
“If I could only remember every word that truly struck me. Your words hit a deep spot within me and I can truly relate to. Roses and thorns have such a significance to pain and beauty and you truly personified this. This is an amazing read to compare the reality to how it feels being mistreated and heartbroken. I can’t wait to order a physical copy to hold!”
— Laura Ashley Laraque, author of Tabe for One
“I discovered this book, purely by chance, scouting Amazon for new things to read. What caught my eye first was the title, and it made me wonder about the possible meanings behind it. With the bonus of such beautiful artwork on the cover, I had to buy it, and I’m so glad I did. Bones in the Garden ticks every single box for me, from its style to its themes, and most importantly, its content. Debonis writes in such a powerful and moving manner, that I found a part of myself in her words (see Wildflower). For me, it is my favourite read of 2017, and I cannot wait to see her future work.”
— M.F. Yasmin, Goodreads community member

Five stars + some more
This collection is deserving of all the love in the world. It is beautiful, lyrical, emotional… you feel and hear the voice of the author. It not only shows you pain and emotion but gives a creative inspiration… it’s darkly whimsical and I’m living for it. Thank you for your words.”
— Anne Chivon, author of Cottontail games: monsters and lovers

“As soon as I saw the cover of this book I just knew that it was going to be something special, and I was right. in fact, this book is now one of my absolute favorite poetry collections. but even with that being said, I’m finding it harder than I thought to write a review for it, as I feel that nothing that I write is going to properly convey just why I love this collection so much. it was dark and haunting but it was also hopeful and beautiful and I feel more empowered than ever after reading it.
     I want to place this book into the hands of anybody who is heartbroken and trying to piece themselves back together and is in need of a reminder of how special they are, because this book is just that: a beautiful reminder that no matter how much we may struggle to love ourselves, especially during the worst of times, we are all unique, strong flowers that deserve to flourish.”
— Deborah Marie, Goodreads community member

“I am so happy that I was able to get this lovely book. Hands down one of the best poetry books I have ever read. I seriously wanted to highlight multiple poems because they related to me so much. There was no cliche, nor typical poems in this book. I am keeping this book forever. Thank you for creating such a relatable book especially for women. “
— Islay Holland, Amazon customer

“Granted, I’ve never actually read a poetry book from cover to cover before, however, I really enjoyed this book. It left a lot up to the reader, allowing them to insert their own pain into it, while also maintaining the author’s voice and personal experience. It painted a beautiful picture of simultaneous pain and transformation, and those are two things that I’m a sucker for. I’ll definitely read more by this author in the future!”
— Olivia j. Bennett, author of A Cactus in the Valley

“This is such a lovely book, and has inspired me to write my own poetry! Each poem is crafted so intelligently and gently, each word serving a purpose and leaving you breathless! An amazing poetry book!”
— Brittney Kristina, author of Forsaken

Bones in the Garden is full of poetry that is bare and beautiful. Each piece really connects with the title and truly shows that beauty can bloom from any kind of brokenness.”
— Amazon customer