Legendary by Stephanie Garber Synopsis; A heart to protect. A debt to repay. A game to win. After being swept up in the magical world of Caraval, Donatella Dragna has finally escaped her father and saved her sister Scarlett from a disastrous arranged marriage. The girls should be celebrating, but Tella isn’t yet free. She made a… Read More Legendary


Flux by Orion Carloto Synopsis; Flux is a somber narrative, an ode to change, a collection of poetry and prose written from the many stages of grief over a broken heart.  With original illustrations by artist Katie Roberts, Orion Carloto creates a dream world for the brokenhearted and paints a whimsical picture around the themes of love, loss, solitude, depression, sex, nostalgia,… Read More Flux

Please Don’t Go Before I Get Better

Please Don’t Go Before I Get Better by Madisen Kuhn Synopsis; Following her breakout debut Eighteen Years, poet Madisen Kuhn is thrilled to share this intimate portrait of a young woman navigating early adulthood and leaving her teenage years behind. Chronicling the complexities, joys, and challenges of this transitional phase of life, Please Don’t Go Before I Get Better is… Read More Please Don’t Go Before I Get Better