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A collection of poetry that uncovers the raw and heavy emotions that come with anxiety, trauma, and other experiences. Part two takes you into the healing, bringing the light, the meditation, the beauty in finding oneself after all the chaos has passed. & finally, you’re left wanting to start your next chapter; the one that comes after the semicolon.

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Praise for Semicolon;


“Another lovely collection of poetry from McKayla! I really enjoyed Bones in the Garden, but I feel like she has grown as a poet, which is so fun to watch! The whole thing was solid, but there were a handful of lines and poems in particular that were truly stunning. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has struggled with mental health issues, abuse, self-harm, or suicidal thoughts. It reminded me that I am not alone. I really enjoyed the illustrations, too! Anyway, well done, McKayla.”
Sophia Elaine Hanson, author of the Vinyl trilogy


“I didn’t even think I needed this book in my life and then I read the first poem. Then poem after poem, the author let me into their world. This collection of poetry may be short, but it’s everything you didn’t know you needed. The author transports you into her world, shows you the life she’s lived, and makes you feel exactly what she was feeling in the moment. This book will take you on a journey you didn’t know you needed to take, but you do. There are a few triggers in the book, but the author is respectful and responsible by putting them up front. Great collection.”
— Jasmine Smith, author of Painful Broken Sunshine


“I loved semicolon so much! From bones in the garden (her prior collection) to this one, the author shows an impressive amount of growth in their craft. They really cracked open parts of themselves and laid them bare for the reader. I had to take my time reading it because you can feel each and every word in your heart and soul. I’m so grateful to have read this collection and am definitely ready for the next!”
— Kaliane Faye, author of Moonrise


“it was dark
and it was sad
and it was beautiful
and it was everything I was hoping it would
this is a most beautiful collection and I’m sad there isn’t more in it but I am looking forward to more of the author’s work.”
— Luna Margo Valentine, Goodreads community member


Emotional, moving and so raw! 
This book resonated with me. It was short but perfect. The way the author described what she was feeling literally moved me to tears. I’ve said before that poetry is something very special to my heart and a lot of poetry nowadays is somewhat bland. This was far beyond bland. It was rich and incredibly moving”
— Cristal Belen, Goodreads community member


“This was amazing. I absolutely recommend it. It is a great book for people that are in a hard place in their life.”
— Brianna Trevino, Amazon customer


Emotional! Great message. I Really loved the rawness and the vulnerability. The growth was exceptional and emotional. Great read.”
— Keeana, Goodreads community member


“A heartbreaking and an enlightening collection all at once. I am so proud of all McKayla has accomplished as a writer. Her poetry is easy to read and always makes me feel.”
— Isabel Natalie, Goodreads community member